10 Ways Online Learning Can Transform Your Business

by Digital Marketing Institute

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

10 Ways Online Learning Can Transform Your Business

According to Training Magazine, the top 125 organizations that excel in training have a mean training budget of $30.2 million for employee development. For many organizations, particularly those with global workforces, offering online training has helped improved job satisfaction, customer engagement and drive revenue.

Take IBM as an example. Keen to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital technologies it introduced a digital mastery program for its sales teams. By accessing expert content online sales professionals could learn how to use digital tools and strategies at their own pace. As a result, an ROI study 15 months into the program revealed a 50% improvement in seller’s confidence levels in selling online while 7,200 opportunities were developed by Business Development staff with a 7% increase in win rate and 37% reduction in days to close.

With training now a key way to attract millennials and retain staff, offering learning content that can be accessed online can go a long way to getting the talent you need and establishing your business as a leading employer brand.

Still need convincing?! Have a look at 10 ways online learning can transform your business particularly when it comes to skills - like digital - that need to be continuously updated.

10 Ways Online Learning Can Transform Your Business

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